Bagel Evolution: Unveiling the Secrets and Milestones with Sam Silverman

Join Jim Serpico as he talks to Sam Silverman, a self-proclaimed expert on bagels. Sam’s obsession with bagels started at a young age, and it only grew stronger after he moved to New York City and had his first taste of an authentic New York bagel. The experience was a revelation for Sam, who had previously only known bagels from chain stores like Einstein’s and Dunkin Donuts. He realized he had been missing out on the real deal all along and became fascinated with the history and evolution of this beloved bread.

In this episode, Sam takes us on a journey through the history of bagels, from their origins in 17th-century Poland to their arrival in New York City with Jewish immigrants in the 1800s. He explains the different iterations it has gone through in the past 150 years, including the creation of Montreal-style bagels. Sam also shares some interesting milestones in bagel evolution, such as the introduction of the Everything bagel in the 1960s.

But it doesn’t stop there. The internet has revolutionized the way we access information about bagels. Sam explains how the democratization of information has given rise to a new generation of bagel enthusiasts and makers who are passionate about crafting authentic New York-style bagels. Thanks to YouTube, anyone can now learn the craft of bagel-making with the right ingredients from their local grocery store.

Whether you’re a bagel lover or just curious about the history and evolution of this iconic bread, this episode is not to be missed. Join us as we explore the world of bagels with Sam Silverman, a man who has dedicated his life to mastering the craft of this beloved bread.

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