The Accidental Journey: Anthony Mongiello and the Invention of Stuffed Crust Pizza

In this episode, Anthony Mongiello, the Founder of Formaggio Cheese, reflects on his accidental invention of stuffed crust pizza. He shares how his background in the cheese industry led him to explore pizza-making and how a fortuitous encounter with more petite dough balls sparked the idea for stuffed crust pizza. Anthony recounts a humorous moment when the crust expanded during cooking, creating a calzone-like appearance. Anthony also shares the challenges he faced in obtaining a patent for his invention, highlighting the importance of considering potential patent infringements and including various product variations in the application. Eventually, he pitched his idea to Pizza Hut, patent and all. This episode is a cautionary tale and gives insights into the accidental design of a beloved pizza innovation and the journey of transforming an unexpected creation into a culinary success while touching on the challenges of securing a patent and gaining recognition in the food industry.

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