The Dough of the Wise: A Conversation with a Mafia-Linked Bakery Investor and a Comedy Genius

Join host Jim Serpico as he welcomes an infamous Mafioso introduced only as “Tony.” Tony is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur who credits his own success due to his unique “management” style.. Jim expresses his surprise to be talking to Tony, stating that he had no idea the guest was still around. They have a casual conversation about Tony’s whereabouts and what he’s been up to in recent years. Tony reveals that he’s been “hiding out on the down low.” They also discuss bread preferences and Tony denies the notion that he only cares about the business model and not the quality of the bread in his investments. In the second half of this episode, Jim talks with actor, writer, and comedian Nicky Petito about what it’s like to be a working comedian, penetrating the movie business, and how Nick uses his gift and ability to mimic voices to prank people.

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