Peter Reinhart – Beadmaker, Teacher & Author

Peter Reinhart is one of the most respected bakers and baking educators in America. Three of his books have won James Beard awards, including Book of the Year for The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Peter has a new book out called Pizza Quest: My…

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Anthony Falco – Restaurant Consultant and Pizza Czar

Jim Serpico speaks with Anthony Falco, author of the book Pizza Czar, chef, and full-service restaurant consultant with a focus on pizza. He helps create world-class pizza brands from the ground up by counseling on custom equipment design, sourcing…

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Elaine Boddy – The Sourdough Whisperer

Jim Serpico speaks with Elaine Boddy about the simplicity of sourdough baking, feeding your starter, breaking the rules of sourdough baking, living in Europe, baking with mincemeat, manipulating flour, sandwich bread, and more.

Elaine Boddy is the…

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Adam Force – Shape The World Around You

Jim Serpico speaks with Adam Force about helping entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, how and why travel inspires change, why storytelling is an essential aspect of brand building, the trap of not making changes when you should, focusing on what…

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Anna Farberov – Problem Solver

Jim Serpico speaks with Anna Farberov about waking up with a passion for going to work, creating value, and working together to find solutions. They talk about the importance of mentorship, growing up in Israel, ADHD, sleeping on airplanes, introverts…

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How I Ended Up On the Boomer & Gio Show On CBS Sports and How It Went

I was recently a guest on the Boomer & Gio show, hosted by Boomer Esiason and Greg Giannotti on WFAN Sports Radio and CBS Sports Network. In this episode, I explain how I ended up on the show, how it went, and what came out of it for my bread company,…

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