ENTREPRENEUR EDITION – Josh York – CEO & Founder of Gym Guyz

Jim Serpico speaks with Josh York, CEO and Founder of Gym Guyz, the revolutionary personal fitness franchise that brings mobile training to your home. They discuss work ethic, discipline, starting a business, who to surround yourself with, taking…

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Bryan Goluboff – Mentorship In Hollywood Is Dead

Jim Serpico speaks with television writer and Executive Producer Bryan Goluboff about working on the series Law & Order, the state of mentorship in Hollywood, Zoom meetings, developing tv series, staffing a show, working with big stars, living in…

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Anna Farberov – Problem Solver

Jim Serpico speaks with Anna Farberov about waking up with a passion for going to work, creating value, and working together to find solutions. They talk about the importance of mentorship, growing up in Israel, ADHD, sleeping on airplanes, introverts…

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