A Slice of Resilience: Eamonn Murphy’s Journey through Music, Pizza, and Beating Cancer

Join host Jim Serpico in this captivating episode as he sits down with the incredible Eamonn Murphy, famously known as @themayorofpizza on Instagram. Eamonn shares his extraordinary story of being a semi-pro pizza maker, music aficionado, and triumphant cancer survivor.

Prepare to dive deep into their conversation, where Jim and Eamonn explore the fascinating realms of music and their shared love for the iconic Grateful Dead. They also delve into the creative use of music on Instagram reels, offering insights and tips for fellow content creators. As the conversation unfolds, Eamonn generously imparts his wisdom on the art of mastering homemade pizza, sharing the secrets to achieving a perfect pie using pizza steels. Drawing from his extensive experience working in restaurants, they touch on the unmatched charm of New Haven Pizza and the vibrant Connecticut Pizza Culture.

But the exploration of pizza doesn’t stop there! Jim and Eamonn shed light on the beloved New England Bar Pies and the intriguing world of Greek-style pizza. Plus, they even find room to appreciate the mouthwatering wonders of Connecticut Bagels. However, what makes this episode truly special is the inspiring account of Eamonn’s battle with cancer. Having emerged victorious, Eamonn’s perspective on life has transformed, and he enthusiastically looks forward to getting back into the pizza game.

Tune in for an unforgettable journey filled with resilience, passion, and a renewed appreciation for the joy of pizza. This episode will leave you inspired, craving a slice, and eager to take on new adventures.

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