Barry Enderwick – There’s More to Sandwiches Than Meets the Eye

Jim Serpico speaks with Barry Enderwick. In 2001 Barry joined a little-known startup called Netflix. Over the course of the next 11 years, Barry attained real-world schooling in brand, brand position, marketing, messaging, PR, competition, international expansion, business strategy, and more. Today, he’s a consultant living in Silicon Valley, the founder of the social media accounts @sandwichesofhistory, @inthechipswithbarry, @barryiscookingagain, @craftbeerbarry, and @barrysicecreamoclock.

Follow Jim Serpico on Instagram at @jimserpico and @sidehustlebread. Follow Barry everywhere at @sandwichesofhistory, @inthechipswithbarry, @barryiscookingagain, @craftbeerbarry, and @barrysicecreamoclock.

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